The project BGLD-3.002-0004

“Implementation of integrated measures to support vulnerable groups in the municipalities of Smyadovo, Vetrintsi, and Bolyarovo.”

"We work together for a greener, more competitive,
and more inclusive Europe."


Improving the inclusion and empowerment of the Roma, through the introduction of effective mechanisms for sustainable provision of integrated measures, leading to enhanced social inclusion of the target vulnerable communities in the territories of the municipalities Smyadovo, Vetrintsi, and Bolyarovo.


1. Enhancing the access of Roma and other vulnerable groups from the municipalities of Smyadovo, Vetrintsi, and Bolyarovo, facing extreme poverty and exclusion, to higher quality services in the following sectors: social support, education, employment, and healthcare.

2. Empowering Roma communities, including Roma women and youth, for their active participation in decision-making processes that affect their lives.

3. Improving the quality of life for individuals from vulnerable and minority groups, with a focus on the Roma community, by providing quality integrated services aimed at enhancing the community’s potential and developing opportunities for social realization. This will be achieved through the establishment of sustainable mechanisms for community support based on multidisciplinary collaboration among existing institutions, facilitated by local-level designated specialists.

4. Introducing an innovative practice for providing multidisciplinary support, ensuring a sustainable coordination mechanism for collaboration among the target community, local authorities, regional branches of institutions, medical facilities, NGOs, and others. The goal is to effectively address identified issues.

5. Countering all forms of discrimination and negative attitudes against the Roma population in the municipalities of Smyadovo, Vetrintsi, and Bolyarovo.


The project involves the provision of a complex of integrated services by multidisciplinary teams in the municipalities of Smyadovo, Vetrintsi, and Bolyarovo. Its aim is to improve conditions, enhance opportunities for social inclusion, and develop the potential of local Roma communities by acquiring new social, health, life, and management skills. A range of specialized services are planned to be provided, including:
➢ Empowerment;
➢ Personal development and training;
➢ Career counseling and integration into the labor market;
➢ Social rehabilitation and integration;
➢ Provision of integrated health and social services;
➢ Psychological support;
➢ Legal assistance and counseling, etc., for individuals from vulnerable groups in the three municipalities;
➢ Conducting motivational, professional, and specialized training;
➢ Providing subsidized employment opportunities for individuals representing the Roma community /target groups in the municipalities of Smyadovo, Vetrintsi, and Bolyarovo/;
➢ Organizing and conducting surveys to assess the level of acceptance of Roma individuals by the general population in the municipalities of Smyadovo, Vetrintsi, and Bolyarovo.

The project also envisions:

Expanding the capacity of local institutions providing various primary services in the three municipalities, aiming for effective coordination and collaborative case management.

Initiating a procedure for the development and approval of regulations under the Territorial Planning Act in areas with concentrated Roma populations in the municipalities of Smyadovo and Vetrintsi.

Developing a Strategy for the development of services in the three municipalities for a 5-year period following the project's completion.


Information Seminar Held

On November 16, 2023, at 16:00 in the Integrated Services Complex in Smyadovo, an information seminar was held on overcoming negative stereotypes with students from V and VI grades of the ‘St. Cyril and Methodius’ Secondary School in Smyadovo.

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Information campaign on the topic: “How to Choose the Right Profession for Me”

Today, on October 3, 2023, an information campaign on the topic ‘How to Choose the Right Profession for Me’ took place at the Integrated Services Complex. The event was attended by representatives from the Episkop Konstantin Preslavski University: Prof. Dr. Chavdar Sotirov, Prof. Dr. Teodora Simeonova, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kamen Andonov, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ralitsa Yaneva, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hasan Hasanov, and Assistant Engineer Veselina Kodzheykova.

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